Saturday, October 24, 2015

The History Of Halloween

This video really made me appreciate Halloween and our European heritage in a new way. Enjoy!

"The European tradition of Halloween is not just something people do. It is not some a-historic thing which is disconnected from the world and floats meaninglessly in the air. Halloween has a history, and it is rooted in a culture, our culture. And our culture is rich, deep, complex, and beautiful. As such, we should take pride in it. We should love it, celebrate it, and defend it because our culture unifies us, and that unity makes us strong". - Hugh MacDonald

Snap-Apple Night, painted by Irish artist Daniel Maclise in 1833. It was inspired by a Halloween party he attended in Blarney, Ireland, in 1832. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

As outrage over the unprecedented invasion of Europe grows, more "refugee" shelters are burned

As we suspected, the civil unrest continues to grow amidst fears that Europe might never recover from the third world invasion that leaves no EU country as an exception. All are receiving their "fair share" of multiculturalism, but residents aren't remaining complicit to this explicit attempt to destroy our nations, something they have tolerated so far in the name of "progress, tolerance, and amending past mistakes". 

Sweden, which once used to be the known as the "multicultural haven" of the world, is now known as the rape capital of Europe. Curiously enough, and shocking to many who like to bend to the left side of the political and ideological spectrum, most of these rapes are committed by non-white immigrants. Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes per inhabitant in the world, falling only behind South Africa. 

Now, you would think Swedish politicians would have gotten the message regarding the hazards of bringing non-white immigrants into their country by this point, but they haven't. It's as clear as day that there is a plan to flood Sweden with non-white immigrants, a plan which has been extended to all of Europe. Sweden is expected to receive more than 150 thousand new immigrants by the end of this year, Germany 800 thousand, and throughout all of Europe, 5 million from the third world up until 2020.

However, some Swedes are waking up to the problem and taking action. Something quite remarkable, especially considering the fact that everybody thought that some reaction from this ancient Viking land was now a mere utopia, but the tide is shifting. Within 6 days, 3 refugee shelters have been burned, and although it remains uncertain as in regards to this act being done by people who genuinely oppose the invasion of their homeland or by people seeking to give those who oppose the invasion a bad name, remains undetermined, the wave of dissatisfaction is undoubtedly spreading, and appears to be unstoppable.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

The efforts of pro-whites around the globe start showing results

When things seemed lost, as Europe undergoes it's big transformation under the Cultural-Marxist agenda to 'diversify' our continent and it's inhabitants, it appears that actual change is occurring, after the wave of Nationalistic ideals and racial awareness that have been spreading like fire throughout the internet in the past few years. 

Swiss anti-immigration party SVP (Swiss People's Party) won the biggest share of votes (29.5%) on this Sunday's parliamentary election, maintaining pressure on Bern regarding the introduction of quotas on people moving into Switzerland. This victory is a devastating blow to all of those, who still form a majority in our continent, that seek to flood our countries with immigrants, saturating our economies and completely destroying our gene pool through tireless efforts to induce miscegenation ideas in people's minds. 

Since the opportunity calls for it, we might as well mention the rise in anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism parties in other European countries. On the 4th of October this year, Portugal's PNR (Partido Nacional Renovador), a party with a similar ideology to that of Golden Dawn in Greece, grew by 50%, reaching 27,269 votes. Last year in Hungary, Jobbik garnered 1,020,476 votes, securing 20.54% of the total. 

And although we are perfectly conscious that even though the rise of Nationalism and racially aware people signifies that whites still stand a chance at changing the course of our future, we still know that the people who oppose us hold unimaginable power and influence, and that the only way to grow in numbers they cannot suppress is by using the only thing they don't have full control of yet, the internet.

Welcome to European Traditionalism

In the face of the long lasting censorship we have been exposed to, because truth usually isn't well tolerated by those who seek to undermine our efforts of preserving our people and homelands, we have decided to back our Facebook page, under the same name, in case future censorship hits. As such, we will complement the page with posts on this blog as well.